What is a Self-Directed IRA?

A Self-Directed IRA is technically not any different than other IRAs (or 401ks). The government created the IRA to allow investments to grow tax-free or tax-deferred compounded over time to maximize growth. The IRA can also qualify for yearly tax-deductions (depending on the account type), provide asset protection, and assets may be passed to future generations for qualifying accounts.
A self-directed IRA is unique due to the available investment options and because it puts the IRA owner in control.
Most IRA custodians only allow approved stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CDs. A truly self-directed IRA custodian, such as Equity Trust, allows this type of investing in addition to real estate, notes, private placements, tax lien certificates and much more.


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Self-Directed IRAs are Critical to Your Financial Future

As with any IRA, the goal of the account is to provide for your financial future. Your financial future is important, the reality of today’s investing environment is this: Social Security, pensions, and other government programs are in trouble and could be unreliable to support your retirement. The stock market is volatile and just leaving money in a savings account could allow inflation to cripple your nest egg.

Where do you turn to secure your financial future? You rely on you - through the power of self-directed IRAs.