The Power of Self-Directed IRAs

If you have knowledge, expertise, and success with investments outside the market (or you are looking to truly diversify and take control of your financial future) Self-Directed IRAs could be the key to your financial dreams.

Self-Directed IRA Advantages to Creating Financial Freedom

  1. Investing Diversity: With a Self-Directed IRA you can diversify beyond the market into assets such as real property, tax liens, mortgage notes, precious metals, foreign currency, plus much more. If you have expertise with a certain asset type, you can invest in what you know best to create and secure your financial future.
  2. Tax-Advantages = Lasting Wealth: Investing over time in a tax-advantage account like a Self-Directed IRA (tax-deferred/tax-free profits, plus the possibility of large tax deductions) can have a tremendous effect on future wealth (see chart below). Combining those benefits with the ability to truly diversify and invest in a full range of assets could be a winning combination.
  3. Secure Hard-Earned Assets: Self-Directed IRAs are afforded protection under federal bankruptcy laws to ensure assets are secure.
  4. Provide Wealth for Your Future Generations: Certain Self-Directed IRAs allow the passing of assets to beneficiaries after death with little or no tax implications, allowing you to stretch wealth over generations.

Note about Chart: The example assumes contributions of $4,000 a year, for 30 years, assuming 8% compound interest in a tax-advantage account vs. in an account that is taxed at a 31% rate.