Advantages of a Real Estate IRA

Discover How Real Estate IRAs Create Truly Lasting Wealth
If you're a successful real estate investor, or if you're just looking to diversify your retirement portfolio, imagine the possibilities of not paying taxes on the profits of your next investment.
It’s possible with the combination of tax-advantages in an IRA and real estate investments. After your next real estate transaction, you could defer paying taxes on the profits for years, or never pay taxes depending on the account, if you use a self-directed IRA.

Real Estate IRA Advantages:

  1. True Investing Diversity: With a self-directed IRA you can diversify beyond the market into real property. You don’t have to be limited to stocks or mutual funds that hold real estate investments – you can own the actual property in your retirement account.
  2. Tax Advantages = Lasting Wealth: Investing over time in a tax-advantage account like a self-directed IRA (tax-deferred/tax-free profits, plus the possibility of large tax deductions) can have a tremendous affect on future wealth (see chart below)..
  3. Secure Hard-Earned Assets: Self-Directed IRAs are afforded protection under federal bankruptcy laws to ensure assets are secure.
  4. Provide Wealth for Your Future Generations: Certain self-directed IRAs allow the passing of assets to beneficiaries after death with little or no tax, allowing you to stretch wealth over generations.

Note about Chart: The example assumes contributions of $4,000 a year, for 30 years, assuming 8% compound interest in a tax-advantage account vs. in an account that is taxed at a 31% rate.