All-Inclusive Fee Schedule = Unbeatable Value

Some IRA custodians have such complicated fee structures that you would need a team of accountants and advisors to help you get it all straight!

With our all-inclusive fee schedule, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges. It’s very simple and easy to understand: there are NO TRANSACTION FEES for normal processing (excluding online brokerage commissions).

Be sure to read the fine print in other custodians' fee disclosures!
Services Equity Trust Other Custodians
Each purchase of an asset Included! $25 per purchase
Each sale of an asset Included! $25 per sale
Annual record keeping of un-invested cash balances ETC charges no such fees! .0045% of your earned interest*
Roth conversions, re-characterizations and re-registrations Included! $75 for each process
Purchase or setup of secured or unsecured notes Included! $65 per purchase/setup
Transfer or other adjustments of existing notes or mortgages Included! $100 per transfer
Purchase, sale or re-registration of real property Included! $175 per transaction
Quarterly fees for asset administration on notes/deeds/real estate Included! $8 PER ASSET each quarter!
Reprocessing of incomplete documents Included! $25 to reprocess your documents

* For example, while looking for a good investment deal, you may have $100,000 in uninvested cash in your account, accumulating interest. You would lose $450 of your earned interest annually for administrative charges on that uninvested cash.